Frequently Asked Questions

How can we upload/distribute our copyright forms through CMT?

Chairs can enable IEEE Copyright submission for each track from "Settings -> Features -> Camera Ready Submission". Chairs need to register publication title. This will allow the conference to be registered with IEEE and added to the eCF system before that title can be used.

How can I withdraw or delete my paper?

Authors can delete their own submission when "Edit Submission" activity is enabled in the conference. They can also request the Conference Chairs who can delete papers at any time.

How can meta-reviewers rate the reviews? We have set "Settings -> Features -> Meta-review -> Allow meta-reviewers to rate reviews", however our meta-reviewers don't see any interface for rating.

When meta-reviewers click "View Reviews" corresponding to the Paper Id, they will see a dropdown menu to rate reviewers for each submitted review.

How can I edit my co-author’s information?

Once entered, authors will not be able to edit co-author’s information. A logged-in user can change their information themselves, so you can have the co-author make the change. You can also contact the conference Chairs in this regard as they can make changes as needed.

Why are authors not able to submit papers? The "Create New Submission" button is missing.

"Paper Submission" and "Edit Submission" activities need to be enabled by the Chair (with appropriate deadlines) for authors to submit from their consoles. In a multi-track conference, this needs to be done for each track separately.

One of our users created an account but I cannot see him in the "Users" page. I have tried searching under his last name, first name and email.

On Users page, it only shows the following users:

  1. Reviewer
  2. Meta-Reviewer (if added)
  3. Track Chair
  4. Chair
  5. Authors who have submitted a paper.
If someone has only registered an account without submitting a paper and has not been added into one of the roles in 1) to 4), this person will not show up in the list.

How can a Chair view user experience? Can they impersonate a user in the conference?

Chairs can use "Users -> More -> Impersonate" to impersonate an user. Note that the user might be associated with other conferences and chairs would only see data relevant for current conference. Chairs cannot change users’ profile data which is independent of any conferences.

How can meta-reviewers know if they are primary or secondary meta-reviewer of the paper?

Meta-Reviewer are primary meta-reviewer of a paper if Meta-Reviewer Order is 1 on "Detailed Meta-Reviews and Discussions" page.

How can authors enter their subject area selection?

After Chairs have configured subject areas for a track and subject area related settings, authors can select primary subject area and secondary subject areas when they submit paper.

Does the system send automatic emails to authors once final paper status have been updated?

CMT does not support sending notification emails to authors automatically when paper status is updated. Chairs need to send notification emails manually or using "Author Notification" wizard once final paper decisions have been made.

Is CMT a free service? What other conference logistics are supported?

CMT is a free, scalable, web-based service hosted in the cloud for managing the workflow of an academic conference. It does not manage conference fees or logistics such as accommodations, transportation or Visa issues.

How can Chair export submission data only for "Accepted" papers?

Chairs can apply filter "Accept" under column "Status" on the Submissions page and use "Actions -> Export to Excel -> Submissions" to export data for all accepted papers.

Why are authors not able to see the reviewer comments?

Author Notification activity needs to be marked as "Complete" and the activity deadline needs to be set in past for authors to be able to view their reviews.

I have submitted my abstract through CMT. However, I have not received any confirmation email. Is my submission uploaded correctly?

CMT does not automatically send confirmation email to authors when they submit a paper. During submission, authors have the option to send confirmation email to their co-authors and themselves. After submitting the paper, authors see the "Submission Summary". On that page, there is an "Email" icon with a drop-down option on the upper right-hand corner. The drop-down menu shows 2 options: "Send Email to me" and "Send Email to ALL Authors". Authors can use these options at any time. Authors can also login to their author console to verify their submission.

How do I add a new track? Is it possible to add a track to a CMT conference while the conference is in progress?

Tracks can only be created at our end at present. You can send the list of track names and we will create them on your behalf.

We have marked "Author Notification" activity as "Complete" and it’s deadline is in past. Why are authors still not able to see the reviews and decision through CMT?

It seems that review questions have not been configured as "Visible to author after author notification". Therefore, authors are not able to view their reviews. Chairs need to configure this setting for review question responses they want authors to view after notification (using "Settings -> Forms -> Review" and click on "Edit Question" icon corresponding to the question).

Is plagiarism check supported in CMT?

Plagiarism detection (iThenticate) was supported in old version of CMT. It has not been integrated into the new version of CMT yet.

How can I use CMT to invite prospective authors to submit their work?

CMT cannot be used for soliciting papers or sending bulk "Call for Papers" emails. Chairs will need to use other outside tool for that purpose.

How can Chairs change track for a paper?

Tracks for papers can be changed using "More -> Change Track" menu corresponding to Paper Id on Submissions page.

Can CMT be used for peer reviewed journals? Can same site be re-used again?

CMT does not support Journals. Each year all conferences need to apply for a new site as old sites cannot be reused.

We assigned papers to reviewers yesterday and informed the reviewers. However, reviewers were not to view their any assignments.

Chairs need to enable review submission activity and set an appropriate deadline (for each track separately) in order for reviewers to access their assigned papers and submit reviews.

Can users select which columns are shown or not shown in their view?

Meta-reviewers and reviewers can hide columns during a browser session. When they hover over column header, they will see a link to hide column.

We enabled the author feedback activity, but this made both the reviews and meta-reviews visible. Can the meta-reviews be hidden from the authors?

Chairs can configure meta-review questions as not "Visible to author during author feedback".

The console shows the bids column has value 0 for all rows. However, when I export bids why it shows that reviewers have already put bids for papers?

Chairs can click on "Clear All Filters" before applying filter on Bids to make sure there is no other filter already selected.

How do I add new Chairs or reviewers to the conference?

To add new users in your conference, Chairs can go to "Users -> Conference User" and select "Actions -> Add New User". They can then add the role of Chair or reviewer (as needed) to new user.

I am not able to switch emails in my account as I receive the following error message: "Change Email failed: The specified email is already being used. Please use a different email."

If both accounts are being used in CMT, user will not be able to change from one account to another. The following workaround can be used.

In a multi-track conference site, can we update the dates and submission settings for each track separately? Can we have different PC and reviewer settings for all tracks?

Chairs/Track Chairs can modify dates and other settings as needed for the tracks at any time. PC and all settings for new tracks are independent of main track. It can be different for each track.

Is it possible to export the primary and secondary subject areas of users (reviewers/meta-reviewers)?

Chairs can use "Actions -> Export Reviewers" on "Manage Reviewers" page and "Actions -> Export Meta-Reviewers" on "Manage Meta-Reviewers" page to export subject areas.

When I try to reset my password, I get error "403: Code is not valid".

The message "Code is not valid" typically indicates that the captcha is not entered correctly.

How does Senior Meta-Reviewer (SMR) role work in the conference hierarchy?

Papers are indirectly assigned to Senior Meta-Reviewer through meta-reviewers. Basically, SMRs can bid on and are assigned meta-reviewers, not papers directly. They work with meta-reviewers to add/remove reviewers and evaluate reviews. SMRs encourage discussion amongst reviewers; discuss papers, reviews and author responses with their assigned meta-reviewers; review the meta-reviews written by the meta-reviewers and suggest acceptance/reject decisions for each paper. SMRs are expected to play an active role in ensuring that the meta-reviewers are on track.

Some authors are not able to view ALL their reviews in the system, even though the Conference Chairs can see them.

If some reviews are submitted after requesting author feedback, authors will not be able to view them. If the Author Feedback setting "Do not use review snapshot during author feedback" is currently not selected, authors see review snapshot (at a given point but not the latest) instead of up-to-date reviews.

How can I enable viewing aggregate values for reviews and meta-reviews?

Chairs can select the "Show aggregate columns" setting for both "Review Settings" and "Meta-Review Settings" to show review aggregates to meta-reviewer and to show meta-review aggregate to Chairs.

When Chair impersonates a meta-reviewer and attempt to download the assigned files, why only an empty file called "" is downloaded?

Chairs need to enable Meta-Review Submission activity and set proper deadline.

How can Chairs edit existing track names?

At present, track names can only be added/modified at our end. Please send the list of track names and we will make the change.

How can Chairs switch on reviewer suggestions for Meta-Reviewers?

On Meta-Review Settings page, there are two settings related to candidate suggestions:

Chairs can enable the first setting to allow meta-reviewers to enter suggestions. When the deadline for making suggestion is over, they would select the second setting (keep the first one selected). Note that reviewer bidding is not relevant here. Later, on "Review Settings" page they can select "Allow bidding only for suggested submissions" setting to allow reviewers to bid only on suggested papers (Reviewer Bidding activity needs to be enabled).

How can Chairs allow reviewers to see reviews and discussions for non-conflicting papers that are not assigned to them?

Chairs can select review setting "Allow all reviewers to discuss non-conflicting papers".

Author feedback activity is over but the reviewers are not able to view other reviews as well as their Reviewer # (i.e. if they are reviewer 1 or 2).

You would need to enable papers for discussion for reviewers to see others' reviews. In addition, Review Discussion activity needs to be enabled. Please also check "Review Settings" page for settings relevant to review.

My two accounts are linked but I cannot see all my papers from both accounts.

When CMT links two accounts, it does not merge the accounts. Linking of accounts only helps user switch into the other account without extra sign-in.

How can I make the reviews visible to authors?

After setting paper status for each paper, Chairs can proceed to send out author notifications. Then on "Settings -> Activity Timeline -> Deadline" page, mark Author Notification activity as Complete and set deadline for this activity in the past. Once this is done, Authors will be able to see paper status, reviews and meta-reviews of their papers from Author Console. Author Notification Wizard ("Submissions -> Actions -> Author Notification Wizard") can also be used to send emails using template. It automatically sets the Author Notification activity status as Complete and resets deadline as appropriate.

Is there a way to copy review form from one track to another?

At present, copying review form from one track to another is not supported from the UI. Please contact CMT Support in regard to copying forms and settings.

I can only access forms for one track. How can I access forms for all tracks?

You will need to change your Role to "Chair" using the drop-down menu next to "Select Your Role" towards the upper right corner of any page if you want to access all tracks. It seems that currently you are accessing forms from Track Chair console which will give you access only to your assigned track.

We would like to use the same site next year.

New site requests need to be created every year. Chairs can export data from the conference at any time to be used for next year's conference. You can also request CMT to copy data in your new site request.

I have enabled Camera-Ready submission activity and set the deadline. However, as an author I cannot submit Camera-Ready version. Is there anything else I need to do?

Along with enabling Camera-ready submission activity, Chairs need to request papers for Camera-ready version using column "Requested for Camera Ready?" from "Submissions" page.

I used automatic reviewer assignment algorithm to assign papers to reviewers and saved assignment. How can reviewers see their assigned papers?

Reviewers will need to login to the site to access their assigned papers. From their reviewer console, they can click on "Download" link corresponding to the Paper Id. As Chair, you can impersonate any reviewer and view their experience using "Users -> Conference User" and clicking on "More -> Impersonate" corresponding to the user name.

What is user type and how is it used?

User type is typically used for assigning different number of papers based on user type. You can use User Type if you need grouping within a role. For example, reviewers who are graduate student, reviewers who are professor, etc.

Linking of accounts does not work. I am getting the following error "An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the system administrator."

You can restart the process. Please make sure you would sign out and log into accounts as instructed.

One of the author is claiming that they uploaded paper file during submission (before submission deadline). However, the system shows no file is uploaded.

As a Chair, you can check activities for each submission. Select "Submissions -> Actions -> Submission Activities" and then filter by Paper Id.

How long can we keep our conference CMT site?

New site need to be requested every year. The site can be kept for another year only as archive. It cannot be used for submitting new papers.

I do not see the papers submitted by my coauthors. I did get the email asking to complete domain conflicts.

Please select the role of Author from the dropdown menu available towards the top of any page after login (next to Select Your Role) to see your submitted papers.

I am not able to submit my paper. The "Create Submission" button is missing.

Since new paper submission deadline is over for the conference, authors would not be able to make new submissions. You can contact conference Chairs directly in this regard.

How can I request a new CMT site for our conference?

To request a new CMT site, please go to page and click on "Create new submission" using Chair email affiliated with a University.

I recently submitted a paper but the link for uploading supplementary material is not available?

Chairs have not enabled supplementary material upload at this time. Please contact your conference Chairs directly in this regard.

Does progress bar update itself during automatic assignment? Do I need to keep window open while assignment is going on?

The progress bar will update while automatic assignment is ongoing. You don’t need to keep the window open. You can log out and log back in after a few hours to check the progress.

Could you tell me how I can send accept/reject notifications with custom text?

Chairs can send accept/reject notifications to authors using Submissions -> Actions -> Author Notification Wizard". Chairs can edit paper status email templates to send messages as needed for each paper status.

When I assigned papers to the reviewers, they were not able to access the papers or submit reviews for the assigned papers.

Chairs need to enable Review submission activity with appropriate deadline for reviewers to access their assigned papers and submit reviews. Chairs can impersonate any user and view their experience (using "Users -> More -> Impersonate").

Who do we contact if we have a site related question or concern?

CMT provides email-based support Mon-Fri (9am -5pm PT). You can email with any questions regarding your conference.

In my reviewer console, it shows that I have not submitted my review.

It seems that you have not entered response for one of the required questions therefore your review was not submitted. However, review draft has been saved which will load automatically next time you click on submit review.

How can I add an user as track chair?

You can go to "Users -> Conference User" menu and use "More -> Manage Roles" corresponding to the user name to add or remove any roles.

We are having difficulty finding the setting that allows us to release reviews to authors that have submitted papers. Can you please advise?

Once Chairs have sent author notifications to authors with paper decisions, they need to mark "Author Notification" activity as "Complete" and set activity deadline to be in past. Once this done, authors can view reviews and paper status from their author console.

How can we modify the co-author’s name in our camera-ready version?

You can request the co-author to log into the site and edit their name themselves. Since submission deadline is over, you could also contact the Chairs to let them know this situation as Chairs may have already exported Camera-Ready submissions.

We want each Senior Meta-Reviewer to supervise 5-6 Meta-Reviewers. How can we assign a Meta-Reviewer to a Senior Meta-Reviewer?

We have enabled Chairs to import SMR-MR assignments. From "Users -> Senior Meta-Reviewers", Chairs can use "Actions -> Import Assignments" menu option to import assignments. On the same page, Chairs can also use "More -> Edit Assignments" to edit assignment for individual SMR.

After submitting paper, authors view "Edit Conflicts of Interest" page which is confusing for them. How can we disable it?

Chairs can un-select the setting "Enable authors to mark submission conflicts with PC members" from "Settings -> Features -> Conflict" page.

How can I change the organization of my co-authors?

You need to request the co-authors to log into the site and change their organization.

How do I add new tracks to my conference?

At present, tracks can be created at our end only. Please send the list of track names to us and we will create them for your conference.

Can you elaborate on the following three checkboxes under the "OTHER" section on CMT Camera-Ready Submission page:
  1. Do not allow editing authors during camera ready submission
  2. Allow meta-reviewer to view camera ready submission
  3. Allow senior meta-reviewer to view camera ready submission

  1. Do not allow editing authors during Camera-Ready submission – Chairs can select this setting if they do not want authors to add new authors (or edit existing authors) for their accepted paper when they submit the Camera-Ready version. By default, authors can make this change.
  2. Allow meta-reviewer to view Camera-Ready submission – By default, meta-reviewers are not able to view Camera-Ready papers. Chairs can override and allow meta-reviewers to see Camera-Ready papers using this setting.
  3. Allow senior meta-reviewer to view Camera-Ready submission – Same as 2) above.

The meta-reviewers are not able to see reviews submitted by assigned reviewers.

When a review question is added to the review form, the question’s visibility needs to be configured. It seems that the review questions were not configured as being "Visible to Meta-Reviewer". Chairs can mark them as visible using "Edit" icon corresponding to the review question.

How do I add Co-Chairs in CMT?

To add new Chair, Chairs can go to "Users" tab and use menu option "Users -> Conference User -> Actions -> Add New User". After adding new user, they can add Chair role to it.

Why is assigned paper not showing in reviewer’s console?

Chairs need to enable "Review Submission" activity and set appropriate deadline for the activity so reviewers can access their assigned papers and submit reviews from their reviewer console. This needs to be done for each track separately in a multi-track conference.

Can authors submit a second camera-ready submission file for their paper when they have uploaded one file already?

Chairs can allow authors to upload multiple camera-ready submission files (using "Settings -> Features -> Camera Ready Submission" page). Chairs can provide instructions to authors to differentiate the files using file nomenclature.

How do I advertise my site so that authors can submit papers?

Chairs can mention CMT site URL in call for papers. If users already have CMT account, they can find your site in "All Conferences".

How do I control what authors can view or submit?

To control what author can submit, Chairs can use menu option "Settings -> Features -> Submission". To set up submission form, use "Settings -> Forms -> Submission". To require authors to enter conflicts, use "Settings -> Features -> Conflict". To request authors to accept TPMS agreement, use "Settings -> Features -> TPMS". Authors see review and meta-review during author feedback or after author notification. When adding question to review form and meta-review form, chairs can configure visibility to author.

How do I remove reviewers?

To remove a user from reviewer role, Chairs can use menu option "Users -> Conference User". Apply filter to find the reviewer. Use "More -> Manage Roles" menu corresponding to user name to add or remove user’s role (reviewer).

Why are meta-reviewers not able to submit their meta-review?

If meta-review submission is disabled, therefore meta-reviewers will only be able to see papers assigned to them. They will not be able to download files or submit their comments.

Review Discussion activity is enabled, however reviewers are not able to view other reviewers' reviews?

Chairs need to go to review settings page and select the setting "Visible to other reviewer during discussion".

Is there a mechanism for users to enter individual and domain conflicts as part of their user profile, instead of with each paper they submit?

"Domain Conflicts" is link provided in user profile dropdown. "Submission domain conflicts" is added to address the issue when co-authors don’t log in to add "Domain Conflicts". Basically, it supplements "Domain Conflicts" to capture as many conflicts as possible for a paper. Note that Bidding cannot be enabled when conflict selections option is turned on.

How can we download subject area-based relevance scores between papers and reviewers?

Chairs can use "Submissions -> Actions -> Export to Tab Delimited -> Reviewer Relevance Scores" menu to download scores.

How do I know if my paper was submitted properly? Would I get an automatic confirmation email confirming my paper submission?

CMT does not automatically send confirmation email to authors when they submit a paper. After submitting the paper, authors see the "Submission Summary". On that page, there is an "Email" icon with a drop-down option on the upper right-hand corner. The drop-down menu shows 2 options: "Send Email to me" and "Send Email to ALL Authors". Authors can use these options at any time. Authors can also login to their author console to verify the submission.